Friday, 11 October 2013

Thumbnail Developement

After reading my OGR Feedback, It seemed that I had got confused when looking at concept art. I was focusing on game and film art when we are creating an environment for animation. This automatically told me I need to rethink how I am approaching this project regarding designing the environment and specifically how the colors are going to work. I was considering before the OGR a less saturated environment but now I feel I shall more towards a punchier animated style of environment.

This was an exercise to experiment with colour. It seems that if you transition from black and white to colour that you can not seem to get the saturated colours like in others you see. This means that I will probably have to go straight into colour when working on my final image, but I am not that confident with colour at the moment and will further experiment to gain confidence. Although using this style of work seems to contradict Edgar Allan Poe's writing. I am going to experiment with it to get right colour pallet that expresses Poe's writing as well as creating an animation environment.

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  1. See link :)

    Also - you're not under any instruction to move away from more filmic VFX style concept art, Ant - it's more about taking conscious decisions re. style and 'why' a particular style is particularly suited to your source material. These coloured thumbnails have a more whimsical quality because of the colours you've chosen which does seem at odds with the House of Usher etc. That said, it's great to see you developing different approaches. It's your 'visual concept' that is king in the end, Ant - why do your spaces look the way they do? What are the rules?