Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Skye: Rigging Complete for both outfits

I managed to fix the problem in the wrist with help from Ayunie by changing the expression in the forearm to link up to the wrist controller instead therefore stops the flipping from happening. The body rigs are complete with both of the outfits, I used rivets for the dress instead of a seperate controller so its easier to animate. I am now going onto the facial rigs and then I shall work on detailing the model, textures and the base for their turnarounds.

Monday, 14 December 2015

@Alan: Wrist rigging problem

I have no idea what is going on here, but I can rotate the wrist and the arm works fine but as soon as I  make a controller and orient constrain it to the wrist the gemoetry in the arm seems to twist around and deform?

All the skinning is the same either side and it only happens on the right hand side of the character either when the rotation on the controller reaches a 45 degree angle or it rotates upwards. I'm not really sure what to do here so I have completed the rig now and everything else seems to be fine within the rig.  


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Skye: Dynamic Hair Tests

I still have a part of the hair going into the gemoetry of the shoulder where one side of the hair is thicker than the other which is rather annoying but I shall continue to tweak to refine this. Overall I am happy with the effect and looks as though she is coming together almost ready for animation, just the textures and the rigging to go!


Skye: Skinning Complete

Monday, 7 December 2015

SKye: Skeleton Built

Skye: UV Complete

Uving completed with both of the models and combining the meshes like
Alan had suggested meant that I had to re arrange the UV's, overall it looks as though its rather tidy, now onto skinning!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Skye: Uniform Outfit complete

Skye: Skye complete model - Outfit 1

With one of her outfits complete and fully modelled. I will now continue with the other outfit, the school uniform. I wanted a heart shape to come out of the shirt and after a discussing it with alan it might be best to do this later with normal maps or instead just a regular texture on top of the shirt

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Skye: Model Update

Havent been posting for a while due to working on the head of skye. I have her mostly modelled I just need to finish the back of the hair and give the hair a bit more volume whilst I may need to redo the mouth as its looking rather wide and looking like a beak at the moment. I will hopefully have this finished by tomorrow giving me time to model the body over the weekend.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Minor: Environment update

After speaking with Alan and feedback from Phil I have decided to change my location of my digital set to San Francisco as it's got the feel that I want with the European architecture but with an American feel to it as I want my character to belong within the world that she is in, this also has a more normal feel to it like Phil suggested. 

Skye: Clay Model Progress 01

I have decided that I want to model Skye out of clay as part of improving on my 3D skills and understanding the character in three dimensions. I believe this will help me with the modelling and understanding of my character whilst giving me something fun to show at New Designers next year. I will post progress as I go throughout the year and if it all goes to plan I might be able to get another done leading up to the show

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Minor: Skye Blockout 01

Modelling on the way with the character :), I've managed to block her out get the basic forms of the geometry working. I haven't yet discovered where her eyes are going to be as she has rather large almond eyes which seem to be a bit tricky to deal with, but overall she's on the way! Whilst on the other hand I am currently on going another challenge which is all new to me - modelling her traditionally out of clay

@Phil Minor: Environment update

Here I have updated the street scene taking away the centre building as this was suppose to be a normal town but I like the characterful buildings.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Minor: Outside Environment Art Work

As I'm currently in the early stages of modelling the character I have decided to focus some time on the environment too. These are more for modelling and production art rather than concept as I don't want the bold line within my scenes. Whilst working on this Photoshop did crash so I cant change the red light unfortunately but I might change it a later date. I wanted the autumn feel to it with the leaves falling off and the warm autumn feel to it. Also I am thinking of having fences opposite the houses or keep them as town houses im a bit unsure about that at the moment.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Minor: Key Poses and Inbetweens

Minor: Head Orthos Redesign

After talking with Alan after the presentation I have redrawn the head from the side and made her cheeks a bit thinner to represent the character more within my concept art. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Minor: Pitch Presentation

Minor: Logo redesign

Minor: Animatic V.2

After having a look at the animation several times again I have changed some of the timings and sorted out some of the issues that I had with the previous version. I have added the necessary sounds for it to be read too altogether I am feeling as though it is resolved as an animatic now! Phewww.. .

Minor: Character Orthographics

For the orthographics I haven't clothed her, I will do later on though but for the base model I will model her like this then add the clothing on last time as in the last project I had done this and it seemed to of worked well in terms of Maya.

Minor: Title exploration

I need to have a title in time for the presentation so I can work with that as my animation here are the names that I have come up with so far: 

The Outside
Ansia (Italian for anxiety) 
Skye's Dream
The Room 
The girl and her mind

These are just a couple I came up with, for now I will work with Ansia the Italian word for anxiety, it has a nice ring to it. Here are some designs with the final design for my branding. I used the autumn colours for the logo as its based in autumn with the bright reds and the cool purples. I wanted the emblem to represent the badge as well hence the circle bit at the end. 


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Minor: Girl Character Concept art

After going through my drawing I have decided to do a paint up of the character that I will be using for my animation. Her name is Skye, overall I am happy with her and her design too I struggled with the hands and legs but I think its okay for now :)

Minor: Animatic Draft Final 01

After going through many versions of this and showing to other people multiple times this is the final version that I feel confident with despite all the sounds not being present. Looking back over it several times there is still something that needs to make it flow a bit better but I'm unsure what exactly, perhaps the timings are a bit out. Hopefully you understand whats going on as this is what I have been working on as of late, it started off at 6min! //but I managed to get it back down to 3min 45 seconds. Enjoy! And feedback is welcome as always.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Minor: Character design

I have been thinking about my girl character and how I wanted her to look and after exploration she had gone too far from the original drawing and I lost the character unfortunatly therefore I had gone back to the original drawing (ones in red). On the good news I now have her mum figured out for her within the photographs (obviously without the hair) just by ageing her a bit more. I can now take these drawings into Photoshop and begin to draw them up and start to finalise the characters within my animation ready for Friday.

Minor: Animatic Scenes 1 and 2

After a few discussions with peers I have made some changes to my animatic regarding the story and making sure the audience understand what the character is meant to be feeling and what she is going through. I think it is getting there but the timings still need a little tweaking, altogether I am pretty happy with these first few scenes, it's just keeping it under 4 minutes that will be trouble!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Minor: Design and aesthetic influences

Here are some influence maps on what I want the design to be influenced from. I feel this animation should have an aesthetic of the Victorian era but based in the early 2000's when anxiety started to get recognised by doctors. Therefore I have looked into Victorian photographs of the inside of houses and looked at the shape of the windows too in attic rooms as this is a big part within the animation. I also went into Rochester and took my own photographs to use for the outside of the houses in the animation.