Monday, 29 February 2016

Skye: Walk Cycle Test

As im busy working on my previs for the meantime and my blog has not had much attention I decided to update it with the first stages of a walk cycle for Skye inspired by a video that Phil had showed me and experimenting with layering animation rather than pose to pose animation.  Still needs a rather alot of cleaning up especially in the arms but a good starting point :)

Here is the video for anyone else to reference from:

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Skye: Room Blockout

The inside of the room is blocked out and ready to use for a previs, I need to fill it up a bit more and make it seem more like a girly room with toys and to put a sheet over the table, I need to uv and texture it still but overall I'm pretty good to go for the previs now.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Skye: Facial Rig Update

Finally after going through the trouble that rivets had caused me I decided to change my facial rig altogether to more characterful and artistic rig and that being blendshapes but I also wanted the deformation that rivets allowed you to have. So I found a tutorial series and redone my rig, I am really happy with the overall face rig even though the trouble it had caused but the deformations are a lot nicer now and I can achieve the different expressions which I couldn't of done with the previous rig. 

After a long process of setting up the joints and the different rigs (local rigs) and sculpting the blendshapes that she needed alongside the correctives too, she is finally animatable ready! Here are just a sample of the blendshapes that I needed to create. Oh and Shapes is a really good plug in for anyone needing to do correctives and blenshaping. 

Here are some of the expressions  I managed to achieve with this rigging style: 

 And finally here is a quick video I put together showcasing the rig in its complete state.

Now onto finalising the environment block out so I can start the prevising and animation!

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Skye: Ouside Block Modeling

I have been focusing on my rig for a while now so I thought it's about time to put some work into the buildings and the outside scene.  Therefore I have blocked out some designs for the exterior and looking back at the influence map I need to tweak them a bit more to make them seem more believable as buildings.