Monday, 14 October 2013

Coloured Comp Idea

This is further developement on my environment focusing on colour - 1hour 30 min. I chose number 43 as a starting point, I tried to get the same pop feelings that my other artists had got and I think it turned out ok although it still does not have the same effect I feel. I gave the environment jagged edges to give a sense of danger within the environment whilst using red in the foreground to reinforce this within the image.

I still feel this could use a lot of work, but this was to enhance my use of colour within my paintings. For this I went straight into colour when working and I feel it gave a better result than the last thumbnails. Overall I'm pleased with it, but it feels as though it is missing something....


  1. I think your colours here are creating a sense of 'whimsy' and honey-coloured sunlight... not very 'Poe'. The overall effect is more fairy-story - the point is you have created a clear ambience here - but maybe not the most appropriate one. You could probably tinker with the hue/saturation and levels of this image to move it's category from whimsy to something more sinister. That said, I don't think this one is going to work overall because the house isn't quite the 'star' of this composition yet.

  2. I agree with Phil! Even though it's not 'Poe enough' it still lovely : D Beautiful colours and I really like the composition