Thursday, 19 September 2013

Structure Designs

One of these designs are going to be my final structure although I am not too sure which one to do at the moment. I carried on the silhouettes from the previous ones.

21 - A little hut in the middle of an exotic land full of bright colours and mysterious creatures. The wildlife also being mysterious with the giant mushroom characteristics on the plants behind the hut. The island is also a floating island (much like the floating islands in Avatar), it also reminds me of Shrek's hut, I feel this piece could be very interesting with lots of personality to it.

22 & 23 - Two almost alien structures one is based in a junk yard with scrap metal.The other one in an exotic land scape feeling very foreign in design. They both have an alien encryption on them (the tattoo lines on them) to symbolize there race that they are from, the tatoo at night would also glow in the dark each of different colours.  I feel both have nice characteristics and could potentially be really good designs.

24 & 25 - Both more of a sci-fi design with stragiht designs. The second on have engines on the bottom making the structure float in mid air to protect them from what ever is below. 24 also is mysteriously balancing on the very tip on the building - some say its a force/spell put onto the building.

I like all of the designs but I dont know which design to take forward onto my final outcome, If I had time I feel I would do more than one but unfortunately I do not, so would love to know your opinion. Thanks for reading it all if you did I know its long :).


  1. All your drawings are looking pretty nice Ant !
    It's interesting to see the transition from your silhouettes to the more detailed drawings, I like it :)
    21 looks coool :D

  2. for me, it's between the whimsical 21 and the more sci-fi 22...

  3. @Megan, Ahh thanks aha :)
    @phil, Yeah I was thinking the same to be honest, but due to my mech being very sci-fi I think I go for the more playful one 21, thanks :)