Wednesday, 16 October 2013

CG Arts Toolkit: Drawing Week 2

In today's CG Arts Toolkit drawing class we were told to draw the structure that was in front of us with any medium and we could turn the structure into an environment. I used mainly charcoal because I feel it allows me to be looser with my lines and it frees my up within my work. I feel that if you loosen your drawing skills and to be able to draw more naturally it will allow your work to have a lot more character in it when drawing anything, and this is one of my goals to loosen my drawing skills to bring character to my sketches and paintings.

We were also given a task to photograph the structure in ways that we can show scale and looking past the obvious. It's also good to get back into drawing everyday (especially traditionally) and eventually I shall do draw out of habit and I wont have to worry so much about the core fundamentals, hopefully. But altogether Wednesday's are good days :)

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