Friday, 18 October 2013

House Of Usher Scene 1? (62-74)

Here is one of my ideas for one of my scenes that I developed today. I though I would show some of the procedure of how I got to the image :).

This scene is not described in the selection of the book that was given to me. But, in the scene I was given it describes how the house is rotting from damp weather and moss and fungi growing all over the exterior of the house, this would suggest that it is in some kind of woods/ over grown environment. So therefore, I have designed a scene that the narrator of the story would of have to traveled through to get to the house before he arrived. I thought the indication of the horseman going into the tree could mean that the house could all be under the tree itself causing all the rotting to happen to the house? Or the route could lead to somewhere deeper into the forest.I decided to use a blue lighting to show some kind of paranormal activity going on rather than a red light source which would indicate danger.

After the initial stages I though the composition did not draw the audience in to the scene enough, so I made the tree root extend to the outside borders to help lead the eye to the entrance in the tree. I lead onto more colour comps playing around with hue and saturation. After these I thought that looking at the last one, I need more warm colours in my shot as it is a bit 'cool', and probably a more variation in colour, but this is something that I will investigate if I decide to take this one forward. Also I was to take this forward I would probably re check the perspective as it looks like some of it may be off.


  1. Wow! These look stunning! Is this one of your finals? :) I like the colours used especially, i like numbers 5, 6 and this blue on, love 6 the most. Looking forward to the final result!

    1. I very much agree with Lisa, I like 5, 6 and the blue one!

    2. Hey :) Thanks, I'm not sure I think I shall use it as one of my final compositions but re paint it again with the colour comps :)

  2. Hey, I really like your use of colour in these pieces. The bright glows really help the scene to stand out :)