Monday, 14 October 2013

Coloured Comp Idea - Take 2

Ok, take 2. I changed the hue adn saturation to a more sinsiter feel. Enlarged the house and gave it a main source of light, how I wish poe could be a whimsy guy :P. This was just a 5 minute change I would go into more detail and change some colours for a better range of colours, but does this work better?


  1. short answer - yes, this is immediately less 'Dreamworks', though I would suggest that the house should maybe dragging light into itself, as opposed to radiating white pure light! It's an unhappy old place after all. I'd move on, Ant - you've learnt loads on here - onwards!

    1. Yeah its not the brightest of places aha, indeed. Ok I shall keep that in mind for my next paintings :)