Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Skye: Animation Story Progress and Visual Style

After over written files, whole scene changes, music re-writes and last minute story tweaks the animation is done! (For now) And I feel the story is finally finished and concluded to what is coming together to be a really nice story for Skye. With 3 weeks to get the music composed and directed for the film it also has been an experience for me and Adrien to really help push this animation to what it needed to be. There are obviously some sound effects missing for this but they will be added soon after the rendering is complete.

I am now going to turn myself towards lighting and getting the animation rendered as soon as possible to then focus my attention towards the art of and finalizing this project. I have rendered out a still for the new designers which admittedly took a way too long to render, but I plan to keep this visual style throughout the film with a different light set up. I am in the process of making a colour script so I know exactly what I want my animation to look like in terms of colour and aesthesis in readiness for lighting. 

I hope you enjoy :) 


  1. This was really nice! The render is beautiful and the whole animation flowed really well! Great job!

  2. Your audience speaks, Ant! Congrats :)