Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Skye: Previs Complete

Finally the previs is complete and is ready for animating, this means that the composers can start working with it from now on too which is exciting!

Friday, 18 March 2016

Skye: Previs take 05

I have composted the images on top of the footage for now with the mum and Skye in the photo frame but in the animation it will be textured and the papers in front of the frame will be her drawings of her and the family, for now I have only used two models of Skye for the image but for the animation it will be painted. Hopefully it is complete enough to start animating and sending of to the compositors 

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Skye: Previs Take 04

With Phil's suggestions I have changed my previs, I feel as though it is a lot stronger now and more cinematic like what I had hoped for. I need to get the timings done as soon as possible as a composer is waiting upon the final previs so she can compose to it and to give myself enough time to animate. It's getting there though!

Friday, 11 March 2016

Skye: Previs 02 & Scene updates

After talking with Phil and Alan I have updated the scenes to a version which I feel is ready for animation and updated the trees more to fit with the environment. I am still undecided whether to keep the tracking shot of the leaf at the beginning and rather have it land at the window seal and start the animation that way or not but for now it will stay the same and probably be decided on how much time I have left to finesse the outside scene. 

So far the music is still not available unfortunately but I am trying to get that sorted as soon as possible. The sound effects also need some work with sounds of the mother coming into play when she is looking at her picture and the drawings in her hands. Although I do have the drawings back from the school! So I need to scan those in and decorate her room with the drawings from the children, next to start animating and lighting and a few tweaks on the shots specifically in the dark room I am still undecided on this sequence of shots.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Skye: Texture and Scene updates

I am currently working on my previs and getting that to a state where I can start animating properly with my scenes and as my outside shots are good to go I decided to update that scene in terms of modelling and texturing in readiness for the animation. I have also updated the textures for her room as that is pretty much complete now too, overall the story is starting to shape up nicely and more tweaks to the previs will come tomorrow, for now here is some textural updates and a quick sample of really simple lighting in the scenes. 

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Skye: Previs First Draft

Finally the previs is complete and ready for people to see! After talking with Phil about the first half that I had done it made me re shoot some of the scenes to make them less complicated. I understand that a lot will probably still need tweaking and defiantly retiming but overall this is what I have to date. 

I have a few sounds to accomodate the animation but I am currently in the process of finding a music composer to help out with the animation as music in this piece will play a vital role for the atmosphere and storytelling. Obviously she isn’t animated properly but with blocky movements to judge how much time she will be in shot for. I need to make it a lot more filmic so any feedback is welcome :)