Wednesday, 23 October 2013

House of Usher scene 1

I worked into this one a little more to help vary the colours and to add a bit more warm colours to the painting, I also flipped it to see if this variation works better? I'm not sure, a little bit of help anyone :) ? This seems to be done for now though I may go back into it again but onto my third and final scene!

You can see the progress in the previous blog post on this thumbnail :):


  1. Hey Anthony!

    I like this one better. Because if I am not wrong, in some psychology class I learnt that when you read an image, your eyes move from left to right and stays at the right side for a couple milisecond more before going back to the left. In your case, the right side has more information and hence making it more interesting! :D Just my opinion though.

  2. Heyy! :),

    Well then that solves my case on which way round to present this, thanks :D

    1. Can't wait for your presentation on Friday! :)

    2. Ahh don't remind me lol :P, look forward to seeing yours as well! along side everyone else's also, it will be good :)