Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Space and Environment Project 2: Secret Lairs

The Secret Lair of the... 

'Neolithic Queen'

Neolithic: ''relating to or denoting the later part of the Stone Age, when ground or polished stone weapons and implements prevailed.''
Queen:'the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.'
This could be a very interesting project combining the both :)  


Pre Secret Lairs: Thumbnail Practice

In Jordon's Photoshop lesson on Monday we were given a short amount of time around 15 minutes to gather research and do a page of thumbnails for them specific topics that were given, them being: Steam Punk Explorer, Candy Land Huntsman and Gaelic Golem. This was an exercise that I am going to use for my idea to generate my thumbnails when looking at my own Secret lair. I dont think I will work straight into colour as this took the most time and I feel when thinking about colour that requires a whole other day to get the right palate for your scene.

Life Drawing: 30.10.2013

1 minute drawings
15 minute drawings

 30 sec gesture drawings.

This was my second time doing life drawing and I am overall pleased with the drawings that I have done. Still a lot more studying to be done and lots of practice to do!

Still Life: 23.10.2013

 Paintings using the inks in the still class. It was a relaxing exercise to do whilst having a hectic week of work to do for the crit last Friday :). Had been meaning to post these for a while sorry!

And the some photos of the installation that we had to paint.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Cinematic Spaces Presentation

Creative Partneship Archive 2

Here my creative partnership's comments on other people's blogs. I have to admit looking back at this that I should interact more within the community online as well as offline, as when I give feedback and advice to people I mainly do it in person. 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Third Scene: 'The Pit'

This is my final painting ready for tomorrow and the process involved. This one was very tough as I am more comfortable in an organic environment but overall I am kind of happy with this one, the green bit on the left is suppose to be a piece of material could be from a flag of some sort if you were wondering :)

Early Thumbnails for The Pit

The above are the early thumbnails I did for The Pit and the Pendulum at the begging of the project.

Perspective exercises just figuring out how different forms would be in 1, 2 and 3 point perspective.

These were some quick thumbnails for the Wednesday environment that I did :).

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Artists: Who is Who?

House of Usher scene 1

I worked into this one a little more to help vary the colours and to add a bit more warm colours to the painting, I also flipped it to see if this variation works better? I'm not sure, a little bit of help anyone :) ? This seems to be done for now though I may go back into it again but onto my third and final scene!

You can see the progress in the previous blog post on this thumbnail :):

House of Usher scene 2

Second final one finished with progress involved.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wednesday Environment Thumbnail

Wednesday environment thumbnail, I really enjoyed this one. I have been working on Poe recently this gave me a chance to design an environment of which I personally really like. Although it had to be based on one of my photos it was pretty relaxed on how far I could push the environment in terms of imagination which was good. I was thinking about doing this piece traditionally but I really want to hone my skills in Photoshop and digital painting, therefore done it digitally and I'm pretty pleased how it turned out :). I think the colours could do with a bit more work and pushing the values too but I decided I've got too much work to do to so am going to leave it semi finished :). 

Here was the original photo, I took the surrounding boarders as the borders of the cave in the photo and took the bridge from the center of the image and then designed the background for the environment.