Sunday, 20 October 2013

2001 Space Odyssey review

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  1. Hi Anthony,
    You have made some interesting observations here, particularly around the idea of the portrayal of time in space.
    My comments today are going to focus on your sources for quotes and the way you reference them. I notice that most of your quotes have come from other people's blogs; this is not really a very reliable source as the blogger could be just anybody, and not really have a clue what they are talking about :) The quote you have used regarding symmetry, for example, is just the photographer's own thoughts on symmetry in his work. You should try and stick to academic sources such as articles in journals (can be online ones) or recognised film critics/reviews.
    You have used italics well, for the quotes and for the film titles, so well done there; you don't need to italicise the author's name and the date after the quote though. Also, although it is not really applicable in this review, you will just use the author's surname and the date - so the author Rogerebert that you have here, is actually Roger Ebert, and would be referenced (Ebert, 1997).
    You have compiled the bibliography well with all the necessary info, but just be aware of the bits that need italicising - have another look here,