Thursday, 27 November 2014

Narrative: Hyena and Porcupine Together

Unfortunately I do not have the files of both the hyena and the porcupine so I Photoshopped them together to see what they would look like in the scene :) overall I am very pleased with the overall outcome and the work we have done as a team

Narrative: Hyena Textered within Scene

After finishing the rigging and skinning (apart from the tongue) our team are finally ready to put thing together! The environment is close to finishing and both characters are rigged and skinned and textured, we can finally go onto animating and optimizing our scene. I wanted to keep the textures of the hyena quite loose with the graphic style approach that we have going on and I think it looks good overall.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

@Alan Narrative: Hyena Progress - Rigging

When rigging I have treated the front shoulders and the back pelvis both as pelvis joints. Afterwards I have parented the back pelvis to the tail control so the tail will rotate with the back of the pelvis and the front shoulder joint to the chest control to make the spine interact with the pelvis and shoulders.

I was thinking about rigging the ears like the tail rig but was unsure whether to or not. Also when I scale the back of the tail doesn't seem to scale with the rest of the geometry it seems to move instead and I am unsure why. The same happens when I move the Hyena in the translate using the world control too.

Monday, 17 November 2014

@Alan: Hyena: Skinning and Joints

I've put the joints in for the hyena, I was not sure whether I should connect the tail onto the spine as you don't for the horse joints in the tutorial but on the porcupine it was connected.... I've managed to skin the joints onto the mesh and it works fine, I am just unsure whether the joints are in the correct position or not?

Monday, 10 November 2014

Narrative: Hyena Modelling Progress

Carrying on with the modelling of the hyena, I am a bit stuck on how to model the legs considering they are so thin and tall so I'm going to carry on with the body and tail and refine the head a little more.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Narrative: Hyena Head In Progress

Starting to model the head of the hyena, I've almost done the eyes then to move onto the mouth and throat. Afterwards I need to model the ears properly and the neck and body.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Narrative: Porcupine and Hyena Concept Art

Character: Sea Critter Design

Character: Environment from above

This is what the game would look like from above when playing in the god mode of the game. Each place that the player makes can vary depending on what life source they want to harness that room with. Some will be evil and mysterious like the red one, but the player has to be careful because the evil can take over that room and they wont know what is going on in that room and they will find out when they are placed into their own dungeon.

There is a home base where all the heart of dungeon is kept. Over rooms that be made are rock rooms where it creates golems, but they can tunnel out and create rooms for themselves, but they can bump into unexpected things!

character: Enemy 1 and environment

For my first enemy for my character project I designed a character that has sea environment on top to disguise himself and blends into the scenery but then underneath is where the monster lurks. Therefore when playing this game in the maze survival mode you would need to get the energy source to gain their power so when you revisit this place in the dungeon you can camouflage yourself as one of them and get through that part of the level with no difficulties.

Character: Sea Critter Character Evolutions

In my game you when are cursed into the prison from the other gods (that you have been building) your task is to escape it and by doing so you evolve your character to get past obstacles within the game. I have experiment with the different evolutions of strength, stealth, speed, electricity and the normal sea critter design.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Character: Environments for Character

For designing the environment I got Donkey Kong. I thought of giving him a big banana hummock and barrels around him. He also wears a tie so it suggests that he is a bit civilized so I gave him a drying rack with his ties on.

Character: Evoking a Character with a different style

This was star fox mixed with native African. Therefore I changed his futuristic elements to more tribal elements, the gun has changed to a spear and shield and his costume is African based with cloths and jewelry.