Thursday, 26 September 2013

Enivronment thumbnails: 01-14

First thumbnail set for 'The Pit and The Pendulum'. This is proving to be trickier than I had thought as in the book there is not a lot of lighting in the scene so I'm going to have to almost make up the lighting scenario for this piece.

Although he talks about white angel like candles that he focuses on and then suddenly disappears, I feel this has potential to make a good illustrative piece with the lighting fading away in the frame like number 8. I also see potential in 12 even though its stretched I could increase the height to make it 16:9 and design a roof to the area. I'm finding myself loosening up in Photoshop now and starting to get ideas down quicker just from these initial ideas.


  1. I like your drawing style, it's not over the top on detail which is how thumbnails should be yet with the varying colour tones and use of a mix of a thin and thick brush in many of your thumbnails you have presented a scene well. It may be useful to focus on showing detail and depth via the same means as 1 and 13 rather than the more vague 2 and 3, other than that you've got a good style going! Roughly how long did each of these take you by the way? :)

    1. Hey Danny :),
      Thanks, yeah i agree, the only problem is if I put the same amount of details as the ones you mentioned I would of taken a lot of time to produce these as I want to just get the scene down for now and then sort out the lighting and detail etc for my even further developed thumbnails :), but I do agree there does seem to be others which stand out more than others, thanks for the advice :). Hmmm probably around 40 minutes of work for the thumbnails, about 5-15 min each depending on how carried away I got aha.

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  3. I like these!! They give a good idea of the lighting, which gives an idea of atmosphere! even without much detail!


  5. me again!

  6. Hi Ant,

    Really great thumbnails! Great lighting and tone to them already. 13 captures my eye the most, I see a lot of potential. :)