Wednesday, 16 October 2013

House Of Usher Scene developement (59-62)

Further work on the house of usher scenes. I prefer this one to this previous one as I feel it has a more sinister feel to the work whilst still maintaining the punchy colours. I thought I was finished with the top one, but decided to play around with some brushes and some overlays and thought about adding some blue leaves in the foreground, I feel this has done it justice within the image :).

Overall I'm pretty happy with this, although I am not sure how I would get into the details of the branches and leaves, maybe adding some textures? If anyone has any advice on how to take these forward it would be appreciated :). I feel like I'm getting there and looking forward to the next one.


  1. Great job! You are making a progress in your approach to the topic : )
    Keep it up!

  2. Hey, I love the colour and lighting in this. Look forward to seeing more :)

  3. Love this piece, especially with the contrasting red and blue. Here's one artist who might help with using dark and constricted spaces, pascal casolari.

    ( This is a link to his website

  4. Hey Ant - good stuff - but your house having a few lights on would lend a bit more orientation and focus to this composition - particularly if the light was shown to be spilling out onto the surface before the house.


    See links!

  5. Hi Ant,
    loving the colours used! Although! I think that the blue/purple bit on the side is a bit much, I feel like its drawing the attention away from the house, other than that its a wonderful piece of work. :)