Friday, 4 October 2013

Animation and Character - Morph

Here is our animation done in the Animation and Character workshop today. We had an hour to create a morphing animation done with charcoal and pastels.

At first we played a game of 'Consequences' to form our characters. We each had to draw the all different parts of the body to form these creatures and then chose the first guy you see as our main character. Unfortunately I did not manage to get pictures of all the different characters but there were four in total.

This was a fun little animation although I think it could morphed at bit more in terms of structure of the creature I think we could of done more but we was limited on time. It also got a rather weird at the end as we did not know how to end it. We ended the animation by folding the paper up to represent how the original drawings originally took form when drawing them in our groups.

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