Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Life Forms

Here are the start of my life forms drawings. I decided to stick to digital drawing because (despite not much experience using the tablet) I feel it presents my work better whilst gaining experience drawing in photoshop for the road ahead.

I'm overall happy with the life forms, I am liking 18,6,16 and 4 at the moment. I feel I need to do more before deciding on the final life form and then onto my structures and finalizing my designs for each category. Altogether 64 designs not many to go now!


  1. Hey Ant, lovely presentation of your drawings - really nice - just popped out at me from my blogger dashboard. Loads of character in your drawings, loads of fun and expressiveness. Really liking 4 (it makes me laugh!) and 16 - there's a Brian Froud quality to your creatures - if you haven't seen them, check out his creature designs for The Black Crystal. Very encouraging beginnings, Ant - onwards!

    1. correction - The Dark Crystal - doh!

  2. Really lovely drawings! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey, Thanks! I will try to update these today (hopefully) with my final life form and then only structures left to do! Brian Froud has some really inspiring work thanks for showing him to me :).