Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Spider Gwen Rig Now Available!

In the meantime of graduating, going to the beach and freelancing here and there over summer I have been working on creating a rig for animators to use for either show reels or personal use.

I have decided to start with a model provided by Brian Bedford and that being Spider Gwen! She was bit of a pain as she was one mesh with freakishly long legs and massive knees! Following from that I used digital tutors for the rigging tutorials Here it was a learning experience and was different to what I was used to. I'm always trying to up the quality and usability of my rigs and am determined to figure out how Animschool rig theirs! 

For my next rig I will change the fingers to having FK fingers and a finger control for ease of animation and reversing back to the old foot rig that I was using (maybe), I will also look into creating a different spine with IK/FK  controls. Although from this I have learnt a lot about expressions and a slow understanding of coding whilst learning about the Flexi plane approach to rigging with stretch and squash for IK and FK switching. From this I will bring all this information together for a music video which I am working on and hopefully can show you sometime in the future!
Here is a link my gum road to download the Spider Gwen rig and feel free to use it for practising animation, show reels and anything else you want to use it for! 

Whilst I really enjoy rigging and enjoy characters coming to life I also want to improve on my modelling skills and character work. So hopefully in the near future there will be some more characters and models to see!


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