Friday, 16 January 2015

@Alan Adaptation: Part B - Rethink

After the tutorial I went looking into something that will stop me from drawing generally and keep my designing focused. I am going to do something that is similar to a translation from imagery rather than text. I went looking into the Norse, Celtic and Viking symbols and translate them into characters perhaps?

I thinking of using the family symbols they used to have on their shields and adapt that into characters, using these symbols as they wouldn't have to be human but could be anthropomorphic characters. Could perhaps set it in the future or stick the traditional era.


  1. Ok, getting closer although my only concern regarding this would be any information below the shields what do they represent about the familes etc. If yuo can find that out it would really help. Another version of this project could be National Heraldry (Emblems/ Flags of Countries + Meanings/ Cultural Indentity) for example the Unicorn and Lion filtered through what they represent about UK and the truth about the UK. You could also do Kings and Queens as the same model of porject.