Friday, 23 January 2015

@Alan Adaptation A: Final Script?

*Title screen* - Science of Snowmen. 

Making a snowman is no easy task. We have all had that experience of making a snowman after Christmas time, but they never turn out being quite right either too big. Too small. Yellow. Or just a big ball of..hmm.. lets say, mush. 

When building a snowman first of all you have to  understand the science of snowmen  and this will lead you to having the 'perfect' snowman. You may need a pen and paper to jot down any of the following information.

For the beginning of the process we need a necessary factor. Snow. Make sure that you check with the weather man that it is ready to snow outside and wait for the snow to stop until you have approximately 50kg of snow in a cylindrical fashion. Compact liquidum forming three sized viburnums with an exact 2/3 ratio making sure each one is perfectly spherical. 

With this virburnums in place, systematize these carefully on top of each other with the larger one the bottom to support the mass of the snowman. With the snowman perfectly stabilized lets take a closer look and fill in the missing units... ah yes the arms.

Find some medium sized (approximately 60cm) ramulis' and fasten them into the middle section on the side of your snowman stabling it for any weather condition it may encounter. Without these in place it may topple and become a. Noman.

Now with everything in place we are ready for the details. Whilst outside look for some spherical rock formations for the eyes, buttons and mouth of your snowman. For this part you will need to go back inside and place them into a saucepan of boiling water to heat them up for 30seconds causing them to calface. Now back outside again. Fix these onto the snowman from top to bottom ensuring each one is deep enough to penetrate the snowman.

When you are happy with your rock positions you need to find a amictorium and place it over your snowman.Fasten the nodum within your amictorium making sure it hangs to the right of your snowman this is very important. With everything in position you are almost complete.  

After a longs days work on your snowman it will need to cause cohension overnight. Whilst your snowman requies' over night you need to employ a carefully trained professional to comprehend a hat together for the finishing touch. 

And there we have it a perfect snowman!....

Now lets have a look at yours.... 

Perfect! Well done. Now you know how to make a perfect snowman.   


This is what I have so far, and this is the style  of voice that I wanted: 

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