Thursday, 15 January 2015

Adaptation Part A: Science of.... Snowmen

For adaptation part A I was given the Science of... 
from the list that I produced for the presentation I have decided to go with the science of snowmen and how to build the 'perfect' snowman. 

'Look Around You' was a TV program that took the mick out of science and made it comical, I want to use the same effect within the science of a snowman and making it a serious procedure within my info graphic. 

With this in mind I have looked into Pseudoscience which is a ''belief or practice which is falsely presented as scientific.'' Therefore I can make building a snowman into something that is presented as scientific when actual fact its nothing but building a simple snowman. To make building a snowman look and sound more interesting I will be converting the sayings into Latin, these are some of the senteces that will within my info graphic:

  • fastening the knot - adfixae the nodum 
  • Place the carrot at 90 to the head - Place the daucus carota at 90 gradus to the head
  • Pack the snow - pack the compact liquidum
  • Sticks - ramulis
  • Scarf - amictorium
  • Pebbles - Pebbles

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