Friday, 30 January 2015

Adaptation B: Family Research into characters and style

Falconer -


Gaelic -

Mysterious, angry, hairy, war paint.

"one who hunts with falcons or follows hawking as a sport", also, "keeper and trainer of hawks". The hawk trainer was held in high esteem in medieval times as it was his responsibility to supply hunting hawks to his overlord or the lord of the manor.

Yeoman -
Saxon, stuck up arrangent, maybe a poet? diplomat perhaps?

"a servant in a royal or noble household, ranking between a sergeant and a groom or a squire and a page."

Murphy -



- happy go lucky.

Meaning: Sea Warrior.



- Celts

- invented the longbow

-dwarfed esk

- short and stocky.

- Llewellyn's language of origin is Welsh. Here, the meaning is 'shining one; lion-like; leader; likeness'. Based on the first element of the name, it is sometimes taken to mean 'shining, bright' ultimately from the Indoeuropean leuk, like its short form Llew, or else it could be of the Welsh llyw or eilun (meaning 'likeness, image, idol').

This is the style that I am looking to portray too within my Part B as inspiration :)

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