Thursday, 15 January 2015

Adaptation Part B: Initial Ideas

With part B being so broad on what we can do with this project, I want to either focus on character animation, animated shorts or character modelling. I am not really confident on environments and for my last project I focused on a character which may mean to widen my skills or focus in on characters. 

For the Adaptation process I have thought of a few ideas which I am unsure where to go with them, these consist of: 
  • Quotes
  • Aesop fables
  • Poems
  • Children books
  • Cultural Adaptations
The Quote which I found that I liked was:

"Though I am myself of stone, though I have traced in my heart the spirals of the turning heavens yet my knowledge is nothing to the wisdom that stands in the stones of the urRu,"


Red Indian dances such as: War dances, Sun Dances etc. 
I have thought of an idea to adapt the idea of a ritual dance and set in a place that isn't associated to the red Indians, such as the forest, swamp lands and deserts.  Then I can translate that into another world that is more magical and mystical inside of the swamp for example. 

Another path that I could take is the red Indian one literally where I create two characters and show either one preparing for war with their war paint and cutting in between both characters. 

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