Friday, 16 January 2015

Adaptation Part A: First Script

Here in the script is something along the lines that I want to go with, by using latin words it will make it sound a lot more scientific.

*Title screen* - Science of Snowmen. 
-Making a snowman is no easy task and we have all had that experience of making one after Christmas time but they never turn out quite right, either being too big. Too small. Yellow or just a big ball of..hmm.. lets say, mush. 
- Understanding the science of snowmen will lead you to having the.. 'perfect' snowman. 
- You may need a pen and paper ready.
-First of all make sure that your thermostat is set down enough to make it snow outside. Wait about an hour  until you have approximately 50kg of snow in a cylindrical fashion. 
- Stage 2
-pack the compact liquidum forming three sized viburnums with the lower one slightly larger than the other two. 
- give these about an hour to freeze to stop any bumps forming within your viburnums. 
Stage 3
-With all these now frozen, place each viburnum on top of each other with the larger one the bottom.
-Now the base of your snowman is complete its time to move onto the details of the assembling. 
-Find some medium sized (approximately 60cm) ramulis' and fastening them into the side of your snowman stabling it for any weather condition it may encounter. Without these it may topple and become a noman.
Stage 4
-Now with everything in place find some pebbles for the eyes and buttons of the snowman, place them onto the snowman on the stomach and the head causing liquescens fixing them onto the snowman.  
- When you are ready and you think your snowman is stable enough you need to find a amictorium and place it over your snowman. 
-Fasten the nodum within your amictorium and your snowman is almost complete. 
Stage 5
-With your snowman almost there just leave it out to thor overnight. 
- If you have followed these steps correctly, carefully trained ants have been trained to search for these snowmen to put the final touch on.
-They each carry a piece of material to form the hat on top. 
- after a long night working the ants rest looking for over perfect snowmen thanks ants. 
-Now that you understand the science of a snowman you can go away and build your own. 

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