Monday, 6 October 2014

The Hero's Journey: Shrek


Ordinary World
- The Swamp and his home.

The Refusal
-Throws away the notice of fairy creatures wanted, and the creatures invade his swamp.

Call to Adventure
- Fairy tale creatures invade the swamp and is given a quest.

Crossing the threshold
-leaving his home town (Swamp) and going towards the tower to rescue the princess.

Meeting the Mentor
- Donkey

Tests, Allies and Enemies
-Allies - Donkey, Enemies - Lord Farqud, Tests- Crossing the lava river and rescuing the princess, Fighting the merry men, defeating robin hood.

Approach (Major Challenge)
- Getting the princess to accept what he really is inside (an ogre).

The Ordeal (Death and Rebirth)
- Throughout the film we were under the impression that Fiona was a human but we find out that she is half ogre and was cursed from a witch so her portrayal of a human was reborn as something different (a half ogre).

Refusal to the call
­- He stops the wedding from happening between Fiona and Lord Farqud.

The Reward
-Getting Fiona.

The Road Back
-After 'freeing' Fiona from her curse, Shrek takes her back to swamp and celebrates them getting together and finding love.

The Resurrection
-When Lord Farqud was eaten by the dragon at the end of the film to finish off the enemies of Shrek.

The Elixir
- Shrek returns home to his swamp and ends up being the master of two worlds that we were lead to believe could not happen that being, Shrek is an Ogre but also had found true love that he was seeking.

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