Monday, 6 October 2014

Archetypes - Lion King

Hero - 
 Simba - The main character throughout the film
 or Mufasa - Saves Simba from the wildebeest. 

Mentor -
Rafiki - he acts like a mentor getting Simba to remember who he was in his past life and convinces him to go back to take his place in pride rock.

Herald - 
Zazu the in between character, always looking out for Simba and the others.

Shadow - 
 Scar - The lion that wanted Mufasa and Simba dead to rule pride rock.

The Threshold Guardian - 
The Hyena's in Scars army that are trying to stop Simba from returning and regaining his place back. 

The Trickster - 
The three hyena's (Ed and the two others), never taking anything seriously and fooling around.

The Shapeshifter -  
Nala because she was seen as a friend at the beginning and then half way through is seen as a hunter towards Timon and Pumba and more of a predator, but then returns to being a friend towards Simba and ultimately staying with him.

Allies -
Timon and Pumba, The Lionesses and Lions.

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