Monday, 6 October 2014

Narrative: Refining the narratives

We have two main ideas, one including a Porcupine and a Hyaena and one including a Rhino and a Hyaena. We have looked into slapstick comedy and we will be incorporating this type of humour to our animation. Both of these are based in a safari with long grass and a few tress around: Similar to these references: 

Idea 1 Porcupine & Hyaena

The camera will be focused on a porcupine, following a trail of seeds that he would usually eat on a day to day basis, but then gets distracted from the trail to see the holy fruit that he would really love. What he does not know is that he is being hunted by a hyaena at the same time, (the trail of seeds could lead the hyaena's mouth perhaps?) and he is spots a golden/holy fruit and is distracted from the trail and goes for the fruit. On his way he trips or stubbles on some pollen and sneezes to release his spikes into the hyaena and stops him from being hunted and he gets the fruit in the end, showing a little of what he fancy's does him good. 

-This idea of the porcupine sneezes to repel his enemy I really like but I'm still unsure how to incorporate it into a narrative with slapstick and still keeping the comedy values. 

Idea 2 - Rhino & Hyaena

A cub Hyaena finds itself lost within the African safari but stubbles across a herd of rhinos. He decides to creep up and he sees a swinging tale that he would like to play with (like a cat playing with a ball of wool) but he never seems to quite reach it. Once he finally gets the tail by a little bit the rhino decides that he needs a rest from eating a sits down for a bit, consequently squashing the hyaena. He then see's a treat or a piece of fruit that he fancies that makes he get up and it reveals the squashes cub and a floating hair from the rhino's tail that lands on top of the hyaena. This shows that when you get too much of what you fancy you end up with something that is not good. 

Following from this we will draw up some storyboards and see if these ideas can work. 

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