Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Character: Combining Games Lesson 1

In this exercise we were given two games to merge together to create a new game with a new set of rules.  We had to consider what the target audience was and what style it would be in etc.
The two games that I was given was:
Sonic the Hedgehog
& Grand Theft Auto

Sonic the hedgehog:
-Racing game, Speed mechanics
-Collecting and bonus missions
-For children and a younger audience
-Fantasy worlds

Grand theft auto:
-Exploration and Sandbox design
-Open world, making your own character and personalizing it to your own taste.
-Realistic World
-Aimed for Adults and Teenagers

I had an idea of using the style of sonic the hedgehog but combining it with the world of Grand Theft Auto, therefore still aiming it the older audience but with a cartoony style of sonic the hedgehog. There would be an underground league of sonic heroes that emerge to cause destruction. The idea of the game is to get your wanted level up as high as possible but then speeding away from the police trying to escape the authorities, whilst dodging road blocks and helicopters etc. The idea of the game would to see how much of a wanted level you could get and get away with it. The two examples were single player games on a console so I decided to stick to this with my version of the game.

So this game would consist of:
-Dark characters
-Cartoony style
-Violence and mayhem
-Sandbox, but racing to escape.

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