Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Character: Game Refining

Using my three words; Light and Dark, Collecting and Oceanic I have decided upon a tablet game that the every day user will play.

This game will be a hybrid of two types of tablet games that being: strategy game and an adventure maze game. There are two states to this game, one where you have to build and manage your underwater dungeon and one where the game itself takes control of the dungeon and you are now a prisoner within your own dungeon and trying to escape!

The main theme for the design and logic behind the game will be ancient Celtic influences. I can use the designs within their stones and carvings to create underwater architecture and use their myths for more of a mystical element to it too.

Main character:
-Underworld God, a creator, witch? Magical?
-God's Son, he isn't as strong as the other gods with magic
-Ancient Celtic time
-The main character will be a casted away from the other gods for betraying them. Therefore the reason for building the dungeon is to produce enough evil to overcome the other dungeons that belong to the other gods, but when you breach out Into unknown lands and expand too much you can interfere with the other gods! If encountered by another god the character will punished and cursed into your own dungeon that you have to try get to the heart of it to teleport out of the hell that you have created.

Other gods (Characters):
- The main character was a part of a cult with the other gods that were trying to keep peace with each of the underwater Kingdoms, but he thought that his land was better than the other and wanted to cause destruction.
- Gods from other underwater Kingdoms

- Aquatic creatures
- Mystical
- Mutations
- Golems

- Magic Passage ways
- Magic locks
- Traps

When you are in the strategy mode of the game each room with different creatures with have a life source that will give energy to the monsters and the traps to stop intruders from coming into your dungeon.

When you have encountered another god and have been cursed you will go into the survival maze mode and to escape you will need to harness these life sources from your dungeon and collect them. Each different life source will give you either a good or bad effect. The bad effect may be good at the time and what is needed but you will be at risk from failing from escaping or even dying because of it. Players will have to learn what each life source does and use them to their advantage.

EG. Different Life Sources:
- Teleport

At the beginning of the escape mode, you will start off a little creature that can only move and jump and the around environment - pretty useless to escape your dungeon. But as you progress through the dungeon that you have made each life source will be able to harnessed and you can evolve your character to overcome obstacles in your way.

An interesting idea I had was the creatures that you create for your dungeon have their own mind, with each have their own personality. One trait will be some of them can tunnel out and create more rooms for themselves and expand the dungeon by themselves. Therefore they can be destructive to your own dungeon but also find mysterious rooms that you wouldn't of found by yourself. Although not all the creatures will have that ability to do so. Some may have enchantments to help protect the dungeon.

On the other hand because of these creatures in your dungeon (the ones that can create their own rooms etc) the maze that you thought you knew you was in may be completely different from when you were controlling it. When you are cursed into your dungeon by another god the computer will take over from your dungeon and will be upgrading it with more traps and monsters to get past to punish you for your bad doings.

Because this is a game on a tablet it will be updating all the time, you will have to manage your dungeon and keep control of the creatures created. When you are in the survival mode and trying to get out of the dungeon there will be safe zones where you can stay but the maze will still update whilst you are away.

Going back to my three words:
Oceanic - Environment, under the water.
Light and Dark - bad and good life sources to collect.
Collectables - Collecting resources to build your dungeon, collecting the life sources to escape dungeons.

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