Monday, 13 October 2014

Narrative: Style and Character Developement

We have been discussing our art direction for our animation and we have decided to look at art works from Africa as this is the location of our safari. Following from this we will see how this will effect our style decisions when designing our environments, I think we want to incorporate similar designs from African art for our environments but incorporating our own designs for characters and mixing the two together. 

When looking at these influence maps, the characters and cave art work seem to use simple shapes for their designs and I want to use this when designing our own characters. Also in the paintings they are mostly abstract work and suggestive painterly strokes for their environments which would be inspirational when designing the environments for our animated short. 

After discussing with Alan we have decided to look into the personality of our characters before designing to help us to understand our own characters. 

The Porcupine: 
- Old character
- Easily distracted
- Has no idea what is going on around him, in his own little world.
- Slow
- No drive

The Hyena:
- Crazy
- Energentic
- Clumsy
- Adventurous
- Clever but not clever at the same time. 

Here is an influence map when looking at personality and characters and how an old character would look like and the opposite a crazy character in contrast. 

 From all these influence maps that I have gathered I am going to take these and start to create some character and environment designs, whilst carrying on with story boarding for our narrative.

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