Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Narrative: Hyena Character Concept

Here is my initial painting for the character that I have derived from my sketches in my sketchbook, I want to try and combine my toony style and the African cave painting style. For the animation we may use a line drawing for our character and be keeping the shader transparent but for now I wanted to paint the character as if it were textured. I want to get across the crazy personality and the viscous side of him.

These may need a few tweaks to get that right but these are my initial paintings :)


  1. Cracking Anthony, check out this guy


    I think you might like some of quirkier stuff.

  2. Wow! Thanks Simon :) His work looks really inspirational :)
    I've really liked looking at Goro Fujita's work recently speaking of which:

  3. Nice job Anthony...keep pushing it further towards 3D