Sunday, 17 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Thumbnails (28-31)

After watching Feng Zhu's most recent video it had inspire me to go back to the line drawing approach when designing my lair. Therefore I started these series of thumbnails with a line drawing then onto value range in black and white using four values and then applying colour on top of them. I worked on three simultaneously so I wasn't too precious with my paintings and approached them as designs rather than finished paintings.

After completing the three designs I turned off the line work to see if they are working as a painting and as to a surprise they were starting to take shape, I especially like the portrait painting and the blue landscape. Following from these I will do an environment prop sheet, and a hero prop sheet so I can finalize the design on the shrine/grave tomb of the king and the surrounding area.

I felt as though I had more control over the whole scene when designing with the perspective grids and drawing lines as compared to blocking out environments, it's an approach which I shall use in  the future, although I need to work on my draftsmanship and line quality for it to really benefit me later on.


  1. Anthony those look really exciting!!! I like no.1 with the peaceful, joyful warm colour and also no2 with mono colour tones giving transparent and reflective texture :)

  2. these are so good! I really like the set of three together :)

  3. Hi, no 3. is my fav as you have really captured depth and perspective, it may be a good idea to put a silhouette to show scale of the cave, other than that your work is awesome :D