Monday, 11 November 2013

Seceret Lairs: Thumbnails (19-24)

After speaking with Jordon I had decided to experiment with the idea of the room being the kings burial site where the queen would be buried as well, being one of the most sacred grounds within the mountain. I looked in the tombs in Lord of the Rings, and temple/cathedral architecture to incorporate within my design of the interior of the mountain. I've decided to stay away from the rock idea as the mountains will be full of rocks also. Therefore I can start to explore the designs of the catacombs within the mountain where the royals are buried.


  1. hi Anthony:) I like number 20 with the two roundly rock flaming the hero prop:)

  2. very nice new blog template, Ant - much more pro!

  3. Hi Anthony I quite like 20 and 24! In terms of 24 a less generic design of what seems to be a coffin will be extremely useful, however rather than cover that in thumbnails it may be better to do it as prop design development :)