Monday, 11 November 2013

Secret Lairs: Influence Maps 2

Following from the OGR I realised that I have been designing the interior of the whole cave in the mountain rather than the lair room itself. So I have decided to do more research in ready for our photoshop lesson today. I am still thinking along the lines of a holy stone/stone structure (Neolithic) used to contact the gods and to have a light encription on it when the ritual takes place. To make the place seem more holy, I was thinking along the lines of using stone pillars like you would see in a temple. When researching I also had colours in mind, I was thinking using a main blue light as the key light to give the place a magical element to it.

I still think the environment is lacking the royality element. To tackle this I think I will use the hero prop being a crown design that is used for contacting the gods. Although I feel it would still need more royality representations. I think to do this by designing some hanging lights that have rich designs in them to help with this problem, this will also give us our light source.


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