Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Life Drawing: 13.11.2013

5 Minute Poses

Single Line Drawing. Places a figure in an environment. 25min.

Pencil sketch, figure with environment. 20 min.
1 minute poses figure drawing

In today's life drawing we were given a task of drawing a male figure instead of our usual female model and to place them within an environment that was given, the main exercise was to draw the figure in proportion with the environment. He had some props to use for the poses being a staff,  ball and some other objects. Altogether I feel I am improving in my anatomy skills with proportion and my legs are starting to look like legs now :).


  1. Some lovely sensitive stuff here, Ant - particularly like that third 'back view' on the top page - you've really captured the curvature and solidity there - and I like too the flow of the 'uninterrupted' drawing too.