Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Thumbnail Ideas

From these thumbnails I will experimenting on how to get a painterly watercolour background without it looking messy but still trying to to work quite quickly and keeping it loose. I am still experimenting on how to achieve this within Photoshop. I want the spores to contrast with the overall scene so they stand out in the animation. With my previous concept art I felt the background did not stand out as much so I decided to darken to background for these paintings, I feel they work better but it has given it a very dark atmosphere turning it almost Gothic, I feel like it needs to be uplifted so my animation does not feel dark. 


  1. Hey Ant,

    In terms of exploring the practicalities of your world, I suggest you look at a similar methodology as third year student Anita: see link:

    In other words, the backgrounds and impressionist elements of your world could be brought together as a series of layers in Maya drawn directly from concept art (which you build-up purposefully in layers in Photoshop), which you then animate or track past/through - with your key elements modelled in Maya, and textured sympathetically. I think it would be worth some time investigating this methodology, because a lot of what you want to achieve, you are already achieving in your paintings, so it's how do you translate that into Maya without losing the innate qualities of your brushwork... Let's see some experiments!

    1. Ok I will start to experiment in maya asap to test out how I will translate this into a 3d world :D