Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Narrative rethink

Considering that this is going to be a cinematic experience for the audience I need to think about the logic of my story so that it conveys emotion to the viewer. I want this animation to be about the lone fern that has survived the forest fires that then repopulates the surrounding area with more ferns, to give life.

Edits to story:

>Opening shot of ashes and debris flying across to reveal the fern.
>Fern cycle begins
>Spores travel into the ashes
>Reveals ferns reproducing and giving life back to the environment.

As the spores hit the ground it will give life back to the surrounding area like a painterly watercolour that enriches the black silhouette of the floor that it lands on. I want to give the audience that they feel for this fern and it gives the audience a feel of hope for the existence of the fern like they want the fern to carry on in its environment that is fighting against it.


  1. Hey Ant,

    Just did a bit of research and yes, Bracken ferns are particularly suited to survival after fires - but I suggest you formalise this bit of research for your own peace of mind. I mentioned this animation when we talked before; it might prove inspirational (but don't get too carried away!).


    1. Thanks phil that animation was beautiful and very inspirational :)