Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Style & Visual concpet ideas

I know for this project I want to incorporate the use of silhouettes within my work but to use them as 3d figures rather than the classic shadow puppet 2d animations you get. I also really enjoyed ''The silence beneath the bark'' with it's painterlly approach and wide use of colours, it also incorporates silhouettes but differently to the other scenes shown. 

I think I am going towards an older target audience with my work as the use of silhouettes will give the animation a Gothic feel to it and would not appeal to the younger audience.  I had an idea to use the slime mold/ zygote as a light source to light the scene, so you can only see what is close to the slime mold and when it meets up with the other zygotes it can be shown as a glowing mountain landscape where the cycle begins all over again; therefore the narrative is all about the zygote's journey to rediscover other zygotes where it finds its new home and to start over again. From these influence's I will make some thumbnails to find out how I can merge the different styles of animation and visual effects.

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