Sunday, 23 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Storyboard/narrative Revised

Going back to my  narrative I have decided to make this animation based on ferns after forest fires and how it can life back to an environment these are called bracken ferns. So I have changed the colours to represent the changes in environment. 

The major differences is the narrator (the silhouette's hands at the beginning) is shown in the beginning scene talking about the forest fires and he blows the fire out to then follow the ashes from the flame into the scene. The fern that is shown in the early scenes will be changed to covered in ashes to represent its fight for survival with a lonely leaf sticking out of the pile.

The rest of the animation will stay pretty much the same apart from the ending with the ferns growing back from the ground to then zoom out to reveal a landscape full of ferns and giving life back to the environment. I want the narrator to end the scene as well. Therefore I will zoom far out to reveal a landscape and his hand come over as it goes from a burnt landscape to a green luscious landscape with him talking about how it brought life back to the earth.

Although this is quite rough it gives me an idea for a script and this now allows me to start production in Maya, a few scenes need a bit of work to how they are going to look in terms of colour as im not sure on the purple of the spores and how the sperms are going to look too. 

I was looking at how objects are represented in the three brothers and I may just silhouette the spore and the sperm with a strong light source behind them and use a morphing method for the close up of the spore into a gametophyte and then the style will change when the environment changes at the end into a more magical environment. Although if people think the purple works and the style will be more consistent like that then I will keep them as they are feedback is more than welcome.


  1. for me, the purple is too 'alien' - too 'not connected' to the word in which they're in - everything else is pretty much 'real world colour' isn't it? So I think this might be visually confusing as if the spores are from 'somewhere else' entirely, as opposed to this world re-building itself...

    1. yeah its because to get the environment black I had to invert the layer which turned them purple :/, I can play around with the images to see what other colours I can achieve or do you think going for a silhouette idea will work better? like the image at the bottom....

  2. I like the silhouette idea, Ant - try it :)