Friday, 18 March 2016

Skye: Previs take 05

I have composted the images on top of the footage for now with the mum and Skye in the photo frame but in the animation it will be textured and the papers in front of the frame will be her drawings of her and the family, for now I have only used two models of Skye for the image but for the animation it will be painted. Hopefully it is complete enough to start animating and sending of to the compositors 


  1. Okay - me again - with just two further suggestions - both badge related!

    You're still not showing us the picture (i.e. the badge) for long enough when Skye looks at it. In simple terms, we are kept too far away from the photo to be able to read the badge or understand it's significance. This is what you can do: after the POV shot at around 35 secs - cut back to Skye's face (make sure the camera looking at Skye is looking at her from the same height and elevation of the photograph, so the shots flow); we see Skye is smiling, fondly remembering - don't rush this shot ; let us see her remembering) now, cut back to a POV of the photograph, but this time we're closer; the camera tracks slowly from the mum's face down to the badge; we hold on the badge for a few moments more (and this POV shot should begin at the same height and position as Skye's head - again, so the shots synch up with each other as 'associated'). Now, cut back to Skye again, and now we see the smile fade and her expression darken towards anger - and now pick things up as you have them.

    Okay - second badge moment: you're rushing the moment when she picks up the badge and makes her decision to 'live' - when it first rolls to her and she's looking down at it, show that she is uncertain (hold the realisation off for another shot), She picks it up; then, in the shot where we're looking up and that badge is in her hand (but hidden from us) now show her face going from confusion to joy; now cut to a POV shot of the badge in the palm of Skye's hand (she is looking down at it and so are we) we want to be able to read what's on the badge, so give this shot enough time. Then cut to the shot of Skye holding the badge to her chest etc. Don't rush these moments, Ant - your audience doesn't know this story as well as you do, and we need to be given the time to think the thoughts that Skye is having in response to these various elements. Indeed, I'd go as far as to say that these two moments ARE your story - they're the reason we care for Skye and the reason your film even exists.

  2. also - just an observation - sometimes, when Skye closes her eyes very tightly, it can look a bit ugly - like the rig is being pushed too far - a wrinkly thing gets started - don't quite know how to describe it, but it looks strange - anything you can do?