Friday, 2 October 2015

Minor Project: Idea Update

After having my tutorial with Alan I have thought up another Idea with Phil to adapt my story to keep it simple within story telling. The difficulty is to represent social anxiety and not a haunted house. Therefore with this idea of her being in her room it is a safe place for her but also a prison at the same time.

The animation will be centered around her morning routine, with her waking out of bed and getting ready for school but when she looks outside or attempts to leave the anxiety kicks in. Over the course of the animation the room gets subconsciously smaller and more angled throughout to make it feel like an imprisonment. Here I have split my animation into three Acts:

Act 1 - Day 1

Showing contrast between her room and the world outside (camera pan from her postcards on the wall to the surroundings of her room) . She gets ready for school by putting her clothes on, but then goes to look out of her curtain and saw the local school bus as it scares her (the outside world at this point is stylised and angular). She trembles back and the anxiety kicks in. The audience see a character across the road through a hole in the curtain who is bald.

Act 2 - Day 2

The same routine, but she saw a character across the road that the audience caught a glimpse of.  He suffers from a condition - cancer. His immune system doesn't allow him to leave the house and she sits and watches as she can see he wants to be outside but can't be. Looks down at the children waiting at the bus stop talking about her as they turn around the anxiety kicks in again and she trembles back.

Act 3- Day 3

Her usual routine getting dressed, and she looks across the road to see if her 'friend' is there and you see the curtains close with a shadow of the parents with the mum crying on the dads shoulder. By this time she sees her room getting smaller and she wants to leave the house, she grabs her postcards on the wall and you see her take a deep breath. Cuts to the front door opening (camera around knee height) and you see her take her first step outside.

Following from this I will look into the principle of my design and what people who have social anxiety really feel to put this back into the bedroom.



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