Friday, 9 October 2015

Minor Project: Idea development 03

Outline so far: 

Exterior scene- nice and colourful, nice houses - a sunny day. Children are waiting at the bus stop. They are all talking together and having a good time, when one of them looks up from the conversation and they all begin to slowly turn around in sync to spot the child in the bedroom looking down at them - they seem to be talking about her. We see a swish of the curtain as they close together. 

Enter the bedroom - Close up of her eyes to zoom out and to reveal the child is at the window,  walking away as she catches the glimpse of the faces down below. She stumbles and trips over her school bag on the floor. She hears a bus pull up but the impact forces a picture to fall from her desk.  A picture frame of her family. They look happy together with them about to enjoy a ride at a theme park we notice on her jumper a badge saying: 'Life is for Living'. The child's expression crumbles as she holds the picture closely. The camera reveals clues around her room - Drawings that she had done for her mother, postcards on the wall of great places to be, holiday destinations and  pans down to reveal some newspaper articles involving an accident that had happened. She turns around as the door opens, its her dad. She shakes her head. He closes the door again. Suddenly, we see the walls of the bedroom move inwards a little bit - it happens quickly; the room has shrunk. The girl looks around seems to be a bit startled and places the picture frame where it belongs. The end shot left at the picture frame and the badge left on the desk, she can hear the sound of the bus taking off with the children. We see her through her tie thrown across onto her desk landing onto the drawings she had done for her mum, that being a butterfly. 

Next Day. 

The child is in their school uniform. They look determined this morning. They pick up their school bag and the walls of the room shift back a little bit. We hear the children talking again. The child crosses the window not wanting to look out but she does, everything looks dangerous, dark and eerie, the line of children are now monster esk, (shadow monsters, foggy silhouettes with bright eyes) horrible looking. The child this time turns around and flees for her bed, knocking the badge onto the floor, pulling the covers over herself to separate her from this horrible world she thinks she is living in. She peeps out over the covers and saw that the room is smaller and more angular and the window is very far away - a tiny square of blue light. A shadow comes over the window and put the rooms into darkness, she crumbles and throws her sketchbook at the window. 

Next Day. 

The room is tiny now. The child is trapped. We hear the sound of the children talking again this time it seems a long way off. We hear the sound increase, increase and increase and with the room shifting towards her again, snap and splits up the side of the walls - its a prison - the door opens. The fathers silhouette is so far away you can just hear a mumble from across the room. She looks over from under the covers, scared and shaken for the door to close once again.

Next scene.

The child is in darkness, which doesn't appear to be her room but a blank canvas (almost a dream like world) with the bedroom window being a dot within this dark space. We hear a badge fall and roll towards her and it reads 'Life is For Living'. With this in her hand we see a butterfly land on the window outside. With fright she drops the badge and looks up at the butterfly, we see a pencil fall from her pocket onto the floor.

Next day. 

Establishing shot of the outside with the same children at the bus stop talking to each other and discussing we see her window.
Enter the bedroom. The child is fully dressed ready for school. She brushed past the window as she looks down the children are normal looking and the world seems to be back to normal, we the audience see from the corner of our eye though that there is still something not quite right with the world outside, but she seems to not notice it this time. We see this as she walks past grabbing her bag walking towards the door. We see her put her badge on in the mirror. She looks happy and ready for it. She walks away revealing the room is back to normal in the mirror but with a big split on the wall where she was standing. The camera lingers there as we hear the door open and asking if she is ready. Black out. 



After scene.

We hear the bus pull up outside with the light shining through the little angle from her doorway we catch a glance with her and her dad, she begins to move slowly as she looks around the room its normal sized. We see her bedroom door close from her bed, leaving her room in darkness to reveal its not all back to normal as she saw it, we see a butterfly fly across the camera to end the animation.....

Im still deciding on whether to have the end scene after or before the credits, with the father character I dont think I will see him fully it will be hand shots, or silhouettes etc. Altogether it seems to be coming together!

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