Monday, 28 September 2015

Minor Project: New Ideas!

Moving away from schizophrenia I have been brainstorming ideas around dream worlds and comparing it to mundane environments and thinking about opposites for my animated short.  For example a regular business man going from day to day work to then exploring abstract worlds that are the opposite of his everyday life.

I thought this idea of opposites of the everyday life and an abstract dream world is interesting to work with. Some ideas of how the character can enter these worlds are: Through windows/mirrors, falling in puddles etc.

Some design choices that might happen in the opposite world:

  • the world is upside down
  • everybody is balloon like
  • low gravity
  • maybe an artistic style that shows through the environment
  • Atmospheric (Feeling)
Another idea is that the character enters the world unexpectedly and he can go in and out by something as simple as sneezing for example.

Maybe when this character enters the dream world his touch might affect the objects in the environment such as touching them makes them balloon or change colour for example.

Another Idea is the character entering the world by looking through something, for example a pair of glasses. Thinking of the animation I could cut from the dream world to the normal world where the character believes they are, for example: jumping into fields of big marshmallows; and it cuts to them lying all over a top of a car, this is only one example of an instance that could happen. 

Again thinking about style and what I want it to look like:

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