Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Minor Project: Idea time!

Well now it is the time, the final year and hopefully and exciting one too! I want to really focus this year on improving overall as an artist and designer in both 3d and 2d. I want to achieve by the end of all of it; an overall animation and a well thought out character (possibly more than one) for the end result.

My main idea that I'm liking so far was working with this notion of schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder and apply it to a singular character who goes through different states of personality. 

1 - By studying schizophrenia I can see how it can affect a person. This would be interesting for character animation and character design especially. With this key concept I wanted to incorporate the environment as a big part of the animation too. I had an idea that the environment would change with the different personality changes on the character and this allows me to create abstract environments that reinforce what they are feeling. With this in mind it could also be linked to music and other sounds that change with the characters personality to help the audience truly feel what its like for one person to have multiple sides to them.

2 - I can relate this to my 'From script to screen' project with the guy in the mental asylum and different personalities and possibly being a performer on stage which reveals that he is in fact in his own little world. This is my second idea for the minor project. 

3 - Another idea was it could be more of an anthropomorphic character like a chameleon or other non human creatures. When the character touches something it changes the colour of the them and this effects the state of emotion or personality that the character is in, therefore incorporating colour into the design of schizophrenia/multiple personality disorder. 

schizophrenia is one of the most unknown illnesses on the planet and only 1% of Americans suffer from it so by creating and animation about it and showing it in animation format might bring some more light upon how serious it can be. 

Although after writing it down I do not want it to be all doom and gloom for the third year so I'd have to find a way to lighten the subject so it appears light and more fun perhaps with a dark humour to it?  maybe focusing on hallucinations and what that could be for a character, this could be interesting for environment designs and hallucinations.

Going onto more of a style approach the project I need to really find a style that suits me and what I need it to do. I've always liked the traditional look of animation such as Disney/Dream Works and I like painterly abstract environments, so hopefully I can find a good medium this year. Here are some style choices I want to approach for third year and how I want my work to look in the final stage.

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  1. A couple of things Ant...

    1) How successful was your script to screen project? What was the criticism? Can you re-post it?

    2) Take a look at the film 'Zelig' by Woody Allen. It's a mockumentry about a man in the early 1900's who has the ability to alter his physical state to match those around him.