Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Minor project: Idea Developement

Here is my script to screen project it was an overall successful project as far as I'm aware. The only problem I can remember was the story was a little confusing and looking back at it now I can see why. The idea was the 'performer' was in a mental asylum and one half of his personality was a musician and the other was a magician. He thinks he is putting on a show for a big producer but finds out it is for his doctor and he is still marked as a mental patient, I think the story got a bit lost when the musician came in. It got a little confusing but could be fixed.

This idea of the audience being lead and then found out to be something else is rather interesting and I could use that for my animation. The final animatic can be seen here:

And after watching Zelig It showed me what I could do with one character. Whilst watching that film I had ideas of the single character going through an environment (this would be his mind) and as he travels through different versions of the same character would flash up next to him and remind him of the different personalities of himself.To then at the end to zoom out and reveal the character in a different environment.

Or an animation of a single guy going through different scenarios and becoming a like the things around him like Zelig.

The idea is still in progress but I'm liking the idea of a single character with different personalities and travelling through worlds that aren't exactly 'real' which would give me an opportunity to have a strong art direction for the animation.   

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