Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Soundscape: Online Green Light Review 01

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  1. Hello Ant, you clearly have an idea of the story that you want to tell with your animatic and your recorded sounds could potentially enhance your narrative. However, at the moment the music is working much too hard and it isn't possible to hear what the SFX are trying to do.

    The use of music is always tricky, while it can enhance the viewer's emotional response to visual stimuli it can also mask the true meaning of the story in the visuals. You need to think about the environments and spaces in which your story takes place and then think about recording appropriate 'beds' of sound to convince the viewer that they are in those spaces. The shorter, spot SFX can then be used to punctuate specific moments in the visuals. There is potential for sound to help you enhance the narrative of your animatic, but at the moment it's not clear to the viewer what is happening. Think about how you can really use sound to convince them. A good tip it to close your eyes while listening to the soundscape - does the sound give you sufficient clues as to what is happening?