Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sound Scape: Storyboard

In my scene I wanted to focus on one of the characters on the top of the image and to show them traveling through the image as if they were there, so I used the character that looks like an animal and behaves similar to a cat, likes to explore and escape mischief.

It's all about him travelling through the tree lines at first and he gets interrupted by some strange sounds he then jumps onto the ground where he see's the horror of the creatures and what they are doing, so he decides to flee up onto the archway/bridge. He then proceeds to find the imp ontop of the bridge, and decides to look over at the scene from above, this is when we reveal the overall image at the very end.

If it were to go onto animation, I think I would keep the creature a sillouette and play around with the shadows with him blending into the shadows as he goes through the trees. Now onto the animatic :)


  1. Hey Anthony, there is potential for some interesting use of environmental ambience to bring the viewer into your proposed story. Think about what your character would be hearing at each stage of the story and use this to help you record appropriate sounds.

    Looking forward to seeing you you bring this to life :)