Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From Script to Screen: Further development of logline, premise and Story


A magician that is lost within himself and struggles to carry on in his lonely world. 


In isolation would your powers drive you insane?


Archy , Age: 37 from Venice, live in an attic in a top apartment. 

Set in Venice in the 20th century. Archy lives in a top apartment in Venice where he wishes to one day perform in front of an audience with the use of his magic. He is in a constant battle with himself as the other half of him loves to play the trombone. Each night he performs the same show in front of the same audience routinely without fail. During the show it switches back and forth between the musician and the magician doing different tricks to win over the audience. 

At the end of the show it reveals that it is himself alone surrounded by nobody but wood cut outs of an audience in an abandoned attic. He then turns around to look at a mirror where he see's a reflection of himself showing the two different sides of his personality. Furthermore to lead back out to an establishing shot showing a run down area of his surroundings. (where in the beginning of the sequence there will be a shot showing the surrounding area being well-lit, green and with lots of people running around, like a busy market place).

This idea was a mixture of my first ideas, I found it hard to put my ideas into writing so here is general idea:
  • Magician who has a split personality, one being a magician and one being a musician.
  • The audience is lead to believe that it is two different people in the performance but then reveals it being the same character.
  • He is left in isolation because he seen to be mad and therefore is left in a town where people don't really exist. 
  • Set in Venice
  • The start location setting is the opposite of the end setting, where the first is cheerful, bright colours and happy etc, and the end setting, is dark, poorly lit, raining, and desaturated colour palette. I think the location will represent the contrast of what he thinks he living like in comparison to what his life is like in reality.
  • The magician character could be humanized, or if I decide to use animals I was thinking a chameleon which could add some humor to the script. 


  1. maybe you could differentiate the 2 personalities with Venetian Masks, theyre home to Italy

    1. Ahh thank you I will look into that once I get into my character design, thanks :)