Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Final Life Form

My final life form is a character that I could imagine living in an exotic jungle (like the croods). He is part of the bird family, but was born without any feathers apart from a few on his tail and a few on the back of his head, although this does not effect his outgoing personality.

This one derived from the life form idea sheet - #16. I was going to give him a hat at first but decided not to, but in the future I plan to do a high res sketch of this character, detailing him up to a complete design. I'm pleased with the overall character. Now onto Structures!  


  1. lovely - you should probably prepare yourself to get picked on at Friday's crit..how's your public-speaking? ;)

  2. Ahaha thanks Phil, thanks a bunch... I'm not too good at speaking in front of a crowd though, never really had to do it before to be honest but there is a first for everything right? :P